100 Words: Bus Ride

A blind woman and two guys with Mets baseball caps took the last three seats when the bus stopped at Penton, so Adele had been obligated to stand for the last 257 miles. She stayed in the back, pushing herself as flat against the wall as she could when one of the other passengers lurched down the aisle toward the bathroom. They walked past Adele without looking her way, without even twisting sideways to avoid her. Continue reading

100 Words: A Different Kind of Spider Man

Jakub inherited everything from his father. His dark eyes and stubby fingers. The little house in Stare Mesto, with the front room that his father had turned into a restaurant. Even the recipes that kept the place popular enough that Jakub could hire another cook and a girl to wait tables.

He’d inherited the gold-filled fusee pocketwatch that his father had carried throughout Europe while he collected those recipes. And he’d inherited the curse that came with it. Continue reading

100 Words: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A Navy peacoat dwarfed the girl who tapped Theodore Grayson on the shoulder, the hem at her knees and the sleeves swallowing her hands to the fingertips. “May I borrow your phone?”

The girl’s voice was as small as she was, but her eyes were huge. Like Grayson’s daughter. Her eyes had been like that. Continue reading