Escape from the World as We Know It

by Andrea M. Newton

Night so calm and sky so black
with stars like tiny eyes,
show me truth that Nature speaks,
the words that all men hide.
God once said let there be peace,
and love for all things born.
If this be true, then tell me, please,
where's what He has sworn?
Blood is shed as quick as tears
in this, our self-made Hell.
Bullets fly and tear the skin,
and words rip just as well.
Man hates man and kills himself
while lovers break their hearts —
I swear, my God, your newborn world
has torn itself apart.
What do we do now all are dead,
or die, or wish to be,
and those who don't can't see the truth
behind insanity?
Love is buried under snow,
needs Peace to melt the ice.
But Peace hides in the distant hills,
needs Love to end all vice.
They need us to set them free
so they can let us go
to the world of God above,
where there is no woe.