#FridayFlash Fiction: Candlelight and Darkness

Her chambers were dark. Same as they always were, same as they’d been for as long as she could remember. Silence surrounded her, not even the sound of crickets nor the howl of jackals to break the monotony. That would end soon enough. She arranged the candles as her sire … Continue reading

#FridayFlash : The Creation Genocide

The order came down at dawn, as it always did, passed from one worker to another by smell and taste. True word of mouth. They had no verbal language, the click of their mandibles nothing but noise. Although they could feel the vibration, they had no ears with which to … Continue reading

#FridayFlash : Never Trust a Crew that’s Not Your Own

14 Oct 1590 We shall arrive in London soon. Ordinarily I would rejoice at seeing my home again, but under the circumstances I find it impossible to feel anything but dread. My father’s indifference will undoubtedly have turned to hate by now, and my mother– Although she could never hate … Continue reading