Don’t Those Out the Sugar Sprinkles!

Remember when we made homemade Peeps during the Halloween Megaventure over at Adventures with Andi? And we had that jar full of sprinkles left over? Yeah, those have been sitting on our counter ever since. Obviously, we aren’t going to cook anything else with them at this point. Because, yay, … Continue reading

How Much Does Size Matter in Yarn Dyeing?

We know that if we want to get a solid or semi-solid when dyeing yarn, we need a large enough dye bath for the yarn to move around. We need the strands to all have equal access to the dye. But what happens if we don’t give the yarn any … Continue reading

You Are Welcome Here

Chad and I are a CIS-HET white couple. And we’re very aware of the privilege we have because of that. We know that, for as much progress as our society has made on issues of inclusiveness, we still have a long, long, LONG way to go until there’s true equality … Continue reading