Because Tiny Witch Kittens Need Hats (HMA 2022)

It’s Halloween! Our foster kittens Hocus, Pocus, and Hecate are very excited because they’ve picked the perfect spell to cast. But, oh no! They’ve lost their hats! What are they going to do? Ask me to sew new ones for them, of course. I have to say, they looked pretty… Continue reading

Meet Our New Foster, Toby the Tripod!

  What is it about special needs cats that grabs my heart so much? At some point in the past, October broke her back leg. It wasn’t set by a veterinarian, so it healed badly, going completely under her body to her other side. It was unusable — she just… Continue reading

Forever in Our Hearts Pendant

Last year, the day before Thanksgiving, Chad and I lost our four-year-old cat Yelena to a pulmonary embolism. It was so fast. And so out of the blue. I designed this pendant months ago. It’s taken me until now to be able to film this video. I still might not… Continue reading