Meet Our New Foster, Toby the Tripod!

  What is it about special needs cats that grabs my heart so much? At some point in the past, October broke her back leg. It wasn’t set by a veterinarian, so it healed badly, going completely under her body to her other side. It was unusable — she just… Continue reading

In Which We Waste No Dye, and a Yarn Mop is Promoted

Remember all that leftover dye from dyeing the knitted book? Well, fear not! None of it went to waste. In this episode, we use it to dye two skeins of KnitPicks Swish fingering weight yarn. We also get our green yarn mop to clean up a bit more dye for… Continue reading

Dyeing a Book of My Short Stories!

A knitted book, open to two pages. The page on the left is white with splatters of gray, red, and brown. The page on the right has copper, red, brown, and green at the top. The green bleeds down into yellow in the middle, ending with dark red at the bottom. The book cover is mottled dark brown.

In episode 51 of Adventures with Andi, we make a book! No, not that kind of book. Today, we’re knitting and DYEING a book! Specifically, a book inspired by four of the short stories that I’ve had published over the years. My inspiration for this project was the August DAL… Continue reading