Candy Corn Couture! (HMA 2022)

Y’all know I love candy corn. So much so that every year during the AwA Halloween Megaventure, we do a project dedicated to that yummy treat. We’ve dyed candy corn yarn. We’ve made candy corn pumpkin bread. And this year, we’re taking it to a whole new level: We’re making… Continue reading

Making a Halloween Wind Chime — that GLOWS!

I’ve wanted to make a wind chime for a long time. So as part of this year’s Halloween Megaventure, we decided to make one. That GLOWS! We used #ArtResin resin and colorants for this, along with some of Stuart Semple’s Lit pigment for the glow-in-the-dark effect. I love how this… Continue reading

Turning $5 Trays into Halloween Wall Art

It’s day two of the 2022 Adventures with Andi Halloween Megaventure! Today, we’re doing a little paint pouring to turn some $5 trays into really cool Halloween wall art. I also get yet another reminder that, as Chad always tells me, “It has to look bad before it can look… Continue reading