A Palette of Honey and Amber — Yarn and Story

I’m so excited, y’all! I finished a new story called “A Palette of Honey and Amber”. It’s about a woman named Melodie Evers who takes an artist’s vacation tour to Paris, only for things to take an unexpected turn when she’s given an old watercolor journal at a street market…. Continue reading

Bringing the Ocean to Us (Part 1)

It doesn’t look like Chad and I are going to make it to the beach any time soon, so we decided to bring the beach to us by making ocean-themed soap!   Unfortunately, we discovered partway through that I had grabbed the wrong fragrance and we didn’t have enough of… Continue reading

Someone Has to Hold the Lantern

IT’S HALLOWEEN!!!! And that means it’s the final episode in the 2021 Adventures with Andi Halloween Megaventure! For this year’s Halloween build, we made a skeleton hand holding an old lantern and mounted it to a “rusty iron” plaque on a post in our yard. This one involved both sculpting… Continue reading