Color Mixing Jacquard Primaries, with Bonus Math Fail!

Now that I’ve taken the plunge into commercial acid dyes, I’m building a color swatch catalog that I can reference for dyeing yarn a specific shade. That means color mixing exercises — starting with triangle dyeing. I’m going to need to do this a bunch of times — partly because… Continue reading

We Grew Radishes! So I Painted Them

Radishes have been one of my favorite vegetables since I was a kid. I love the spicy flavor — which, pro tip if you have to eat low FODMAP like me, makes a great substitute for onions. (*sigh* I miss red onions.) When we put in two raised bed gardens… Continue reading

Breaking Wilton’s Delphinium Blue

When we dyed our Sparkly Iceberg yarn, we were surprised to have some pink on the yarn mop. Well, come to find out (thanks to a YouTube commenter), Delphinium Blue is a purpley blue that breaks! Of course, we had to go back and try breaking it on purpose. Our… Continue reading