BONUS! Iceberg Dyealong Yarn Mop

Did you spot the fourth skein of yarn on the table during our last adventure? Curious what happened to it? Then check out today’s episode of Adventures with Andi!

Dyeing Sparkly Iceberg Yarn

Are you ready for a new episode of Adventures with Andi? Because I just uploaded one! I missed the deadline for the Feb 2022 dyealong with Chemknits, but I didn’t let that stop me from dyeing some sparkly iceberg yarn. With FIVE different colors of blue! And THREE different dye… Continue reading

A Palette of Honey and Amber — Yarn and Story

I’m so excited, y’all! I finished a new story called “A Palette of Honey and Amber”. It’s about a woman named Melodie Evers who takes an artist’s vacation tour to Paris, only for things to take an unexpected turn when she’s given an old watercolor journal at a street market…. Continue reading