Double Cake Dyeing for a Sunrise Hat

Today on Adventures with Andi, we’re double cake dyeing some yarn with yellow and pink to create a colorway that, when worked up, looks like a sunrise. #smallyarndyer #smallyoutuber #smallartist  

A Yarn Dyeing Fail?

Okay, we try things over at Adventures with Andi. They don’t always work, but we try them.   Like in this week’s episode, when we dyed a yarn cake by injecting copper food coloring into it, then putting the cake in a teal dye bath.   I gotta admit, I… Continue reading

Overdyeing Brown Alpaca Yarn

When I dye yarn, I typically start with a bare (aka, white) yarn. But what happens if you start with a brown yarn instead? We had some extra dye while filming an episode of Adventures with Andi, so we decided to overdye some brown alpaca yarn. We found that changing… Continue reading