The Tree Monster’s Revenge!

Today on the Adventures with Andi Halloween Megaventure, we see what happens when you anger an Ent, as the tree monster from Chad’s sculpture gets revenge on the evil gnome Kevin for murdering his barber. (Poor Jean-Philippe!) I got this gnome as a Kickstarter pledge reward years ago. He’s been… Continue reading

Two Pumpkins Monsters and an Evil Gnome (HMA 2022)

On today’s episode of the Adventures with Andi Halloween Megaventure, we make monsters! I sculpt two pumpkins monsters from paperclay — one for me, and one for our friend Rick. Not surprisingly, things went much faster and easier on the second one. Chad started out by sculpting a tree monster,… Continue reading

Color Mixing Jacquard Primaries, with Bonus Math Fail!

Now that I’ve taken the plunge into commercial acid dyes, I’m building a color swatch catalog that I can reference for dyeing yarn a specific shade. That means color mixing exercises — starting with triangle dyeing. I’m going to need to do this a bunch of times — partly because… Continue reading