Two Pumpkins Monsters and an Evil Gnome (HMA 2022)

On today’s episode of the Adventures with Andi Halloween Megaventure, we make monsters! I sculpt two pumpkins monsters from paperclay — one for me, and one for our friend Rick. Not surprisingly, things went much faster and easier on the second one. Chad started out by sculpting a tree monster,… Continue reading

Candy Corn Couture! (HMA 2022)

Y’all know I love candy corn. So much so that every year during the AwA Halloween Megaventure, we do a project dedicated to that yummy treat. We’ve dyed candy corn yarn. We’ve made candy corn pumpkin bread. And this year, we’re taking it to a whole new level: We’re making… Continue reading

Someone Has to Hold the Lantern

IT’S HALLOWEEN!!!! And that means it’s the final episode in the 2021 Adventures with Andi Halloween Megaventure! For this year’s Halloween build, we made a skeleton hand holding an old lantern and mounted it to a “rusty iron” plaque on a post in our yard. This one involved both sculpting… Continue reading