Candy Corn Pumpkin Bread? Yes, Please!

It’s day two of the Adventures with Andi 2021 Halloween Megaventure! Today, Chad’s making pumpkin bread — WITH CANDY CORN!!! I assist by (1) pointing out that a tablespoon is not in fact a teaspoon and (2) not eating all the candy corn before Chad can put them in the… Continue reading

It’s Spooky Week! First Up, Glowing Hellfire

IT’S SPOOKY SEASON!!! And that means it’s time for the 2021 Adventures with Andi Halloween Megaventure! All this week, Chad and I will be making, baking, crafting, and creating things inspired by our favorite holiday: HALLOWEEN!!! First up, Chad and I make some poured paint hellfire artwork using fluorescent paint…. Continue reading

Meet Our New Foster, Toby the Tripod!

  What is it about special needs cats that grabs my heart so much? At some point in the past, October broke her back leg. It wasn’t set by a veterinarian, so it healed badly, going completely under her body to her other side. It was unusable — she just… Continue reading