“Intellectual Property”

Last year Scott Franklin at Franklin-Christoph asked me to write a story to accompany the release of their Model 40 “Panther” fountain pen. So I did. Continue reading

Rejectigami Pigeon!

Today’s mail brought the thing writers dread most — an envelope where the recipient’s address and the return address are the same. For the uninitiated, that’s an SASE, aka a self-addressed, stamped envelope. When you get one, it contains a response from an editor about a story you’ve submitted for… Continue reading


It snowed last night. Let me rephrase that. It SNOWED last night. This is the view from my kitchen window, looking at my neighbor’s house. There’s quite a distance between our houses, but there’s also a driveway. You can’t see it in this picture. Oh, it’s there — it’s just… Continue reading