We Grew Radishes! So I Painted Them

Radishes have been one of my favorite vegetables since I was a kid. I love the spicy flavor — which, pro tip if you have to eat low FODMAP like me, makes a great substitute for onions. (*sigh* I miss red onions.)

When we put in two raised bed gardens this year, radishes were top of my list of veggies to grow. Of course, I didn’t realize we’d have to grow them from seed, but… we did it! Which is pretty surprising, because I have no luck growing plants. (Honestly, we expected the garden to fail spectacularly, but we got bumper crops of everything except carrots and parsnips. Maybe next year on those two, though.)

I was so excited when we harvested our first batch of radishes that I decided to immortalize it in art. Namely, which a paint pouring.

Which turned into a perfect example of “it has to be bad before it can be good”.

Y’all, I struggled so many different ways with this painting. I almost scrapped it — and the video of it — I don’t know how many times. But, I persevered, and I absolutely love the finished result. I hope you do, too.

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