100 Words: Used Books

It was his father’s fault. Dragging him to auctions and estate sales. Wedging him between boxes in the backseat on the way home. Infecting him with the stench of cotton rag and printer’s ink. Stuart’s fate had been sealed before he could talk. His father had trapped him in this business. Continue reading

100 Words: Boxes

No one needed to bring a gift. The bride brought music. The groom brought words. And a lifetime apart had brought china and linens and two very nice toasters.

But nothing lasts forever, and wedding guests feel awkward showing up empty-handed. So each brought a box as covered with ribbons and bows on the outside as it was empty within. Continue reading

100 Words: Castle Panic Attack

The stonemasons’ brick and mortar had long since run out, but men still scrambled to repair the breach with whatever rubble they could find. Continue reading