Art Blast 4/25/2011

You’ll notice this week’s art blast is a little light. Although I (finally!) finished the origami whale stop motion video, I didn’t have time to take pictures for a new one. Worse, I didn’t get a sculpture done. Yeah, I’m a slacker.

I did get the first draft of the Ash Wednesday story finished, though, and I’m thrilled about that. So, yeah, I kind of gave myself a break on everything else because of it. I know. I shouldn’t. Bad habits are easy to form. Good ones take effort.

I did get a miniature painted, but we forgot about dipping the minis until I was crawling into bed last night. By that point, Chad and I were both pretty tired, so we decided to take care of it at lunch today. Unfortunately, the Quickshade takes 24 hours to dry, so I won’t be able to post a picture of my steampunk werewolf until tomorrow. (Ooo, got your attention with that, didn’t I? 😉 )

I decided to try a new tactic at getting everything done this week: I made a schedule. Normally I just make a to-do list and take care of things as the day allows. That wasn’t working, though, so I sat down last night and planned out my day, based on how long I thought it would take to do everything.

Boy, did I underestimate!

I got up earlier than I’d planned, but I was still 15 minutes behind by the time I started the first thing on my schedule (breakfast — yes, I even scheduled mealtimes!). I fell further and further behind as the day progressed, and by 3 o’clock I was running a full hour behind. I’d done everything on my schedule, though: exercise, write, sketch, practice penmanship, fold an origami… Luckily, the ARFP website updates I had to do today took less time than I’d feared (I’ve learned to allot extra time when fiddling with code), so I wrapped that up ten minutes ahead of schedule!

I’m going to try making a schedule again tomorrow, but I’ll give myself more time for everything. Today was partly about figuring out how long things take. Like breakfast. A half hour doesn’t cut it. Not when I have to feed the cats, too.

And, now, on to the art!

For once, it was easy to pick a sketch to post. Out of the four I did last week, this is the only one I like enough to show in public:

a pencil sketch on brown paper of six mushrooms, two large ones in the middle and smaller ones underneath and around them

Until now, I didn't notice that the "baby" mushrooms look like a combination of the two larger ones. Like parents with their kids.


I’m almost as uncertain about what this week’s origami is as I was last time:

an orange and white origami bird

Chicken? Ostrich? Really big pigeon?

I know it’s a bird, but I’m not sure what kind. I was thinking maybe a chicken until I saw an origami diagram in the app I use that’s undoubtedly a chicken. So now I’m thinking this one might be an ostrich.

I took this week’s photograph when Chad and I were walking around outside the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island during our trip there in February:

an extreme close-up photo of three thin stalks with puffy white tops

They remind me of Horton Hears a Who.

I was experimenting with macros. I’ve never had a camera that could do them before, and I have to say I really like them. This one was tough to capture because the wind kept blowing, and those willowy little stalks kept swaying back and forth. Like any smart photographer, I took lots of shots. I got three that turned out really good, but this one is my favorite.

This week’s 3D image is titled “My World in Glass”:

an image of an ecosphere on an off-white windowsill, with a rhino statue and clock off to the side

My World in Glass

It was my entry in the Daz3D “My World” contest. Didn’t win, but I still think it turned out fantastic. I usually strive for photorealism in my 3D work. This one comes closer than almost anything else I’ve done.

And that wraps it up for this week’s art blast! Hope you enjoyed it!

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