#ICAD Day 2 — Into the Hall of the Faerie King

A robed woman with a frond behind her holds one end of an arch in her hand. A broken column decends from the middle above the story text.

Into the hall of the faerie king...

The hall of the faerie king had been a wonder in its day. Even as the peasant girl was led through it now, she gawked at its towering arches and elaborate bas-relief — chipped and worn with time, but still a sight unlike anything she’d ever seen. But her days had been spent surrounded by thatch-roofed houses and wattle-and-daub barns, so she was hardly one to ask.

Sheaffer Touchdown fountain pen with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness ink on Oxford Essentials 4×6 ruled white index card

(The ICAD title card from yesterday was done with a Noodler’s Flex fountain pen with Levenger’s Raven Black ink, except for the title itself which was done with an Esterbrook Trans J with a 9048 nib and Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses ink.)

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