#ICAD 4 At the Throne of the Faerie King

A scared girl in a medieval peasant kneels on the floor beside the text

Face to face with the faerie king, and on her knees in fear

The girl dropped to her knees at the base of the throne. Not from obeisance like the pale, angular courtiers around her, but from fear.

The king could have commanded her to stand. It was his right. But instead he knelt before her, like a supplicant, and brushed the hair from her eyes.

For this index card, I used the Lamy 2000 that Richard Binder modified into a cursive italic nib for me at the Raleigh Pen Show earlier this month. It was a nice pen to use for this because it could do both thick and thin lines. The ink is, again, Noodler’s Heart of Darkness. (It really is my go-to black ink.)

The art for these cards is taking me longer than I expected. I’m a writer, not an artist, but I’m also a perfectionist so I spend hours trying to make the art the best I can. When I came up with this idea for ICAD, I hadn’t really planned to do artwork on each card. But now that I’ve done it for the first few, it’s hard to imagine posting an ICAD card without art on it.

So even though I have enough of the story written for a buffer, I’m having a hard time getting a card posted every day. Technically, this card should have been posted yesterday, which means I still owe you one for today. So I might have to do a few cards in advance to create an artwork buffer, too.

(I have new-found respect for artists who knock out a sketch for folks in 15 minutes at conventions. I’ve always admired their skill, but now — seriously, y’all are freaking amazing!)

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2 Responses to #ICAD 4 At the Throne of the Faerie King

  1. Wes Whiting says:

    Astonishing … simply beyond belief. Way to propose us all a touch that we all strength not have increasingly established concerning. At least I emphatically discovered something new. Thanks!

    • Kjfh says:

      AFJ. Oh! I’d never thought of a TV sirees – I really have no idea at all how hard it is to get a sirees for TV greenlit – but I do know that they get cancelled really quickly if they aren’t pulling in big numbers of viewers. I think I’d prefer a movie – a TV sirees would probably need a bunch of different 40 minute stories, and I’m not sure that would work as well as the books – but I’m open to thoughts and comments from all you guys. Would you rather see movies that more or less follow the books, or would you like a TV sirees of different, much shorter stories?