Don’t Let the Silence Fool You

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I realize I haven’t posted about any geocaches recently, but you shouldn’t take that to mean Chad and I haven’t been out looking for any. Quite the opposite, in fact. Since my last post, we’ve almost doubled our find count, up to 27, and even completed our first geocaching challenge. In fact, we went geocaching both days this weekend and even spent our lunch hour yesterday hunting for a couple of caches in a nearby park. I just haven’t had a chance to write any of it up.

I also realized that we’re doing too many caches in a day now to reasonably cover in a single blog post. Saturday we knocked out six caches, only calling it a day when we ran out of light. If we’d gotten an earlier start and I hadn’t needed to take an important phone call as we were zeroing in on our last cache, we would have easily gotten ten caches that day. A blog post covering all of those would be the definition of tl;dr.

The last time we did that many caches in a day, I picked my favorite one to post about. That was the Guardian Angel blog post. But even then I mentioned a couple of other caches. It’s a rare cache that doesn’t have something I want to say about it, so I don’t think the “pick one” method is going to work, either.

Instead, I’ve decided to do a single blog post for each geocache we go after — found or not found. Because those Did Not Finds take double or triple the time as ones we find, and often have even more to say about them than the others. Like the Lakeside cache, where we didn’t find the geocache, but we did find a snake, and Chad climbed up on an iffy-looking rope swing over the lake, and I bellycrawled through bushes to fish a lip balm container out of the water.

I might post all the cache posts for a day’s outing all at once, or I might space them out, posting one a day. Not sure yet. Posting only one a day would generate a nice buffer for me so I could be guaranteed to have something to post here on a regular basis. Then again, I could end up posting about a cache weeks or months after we actually looked for it. It’s a toughie. For now, I’m playing that part by ear. But I’ll be spending a healthy chunk of the next few days writing up the posts for the caches we’ve done recently. Between my schedule and the weather forecast, it doesn’t look like we’ll be doing any more geocaching this week, so that’ll give me a chance to get caught up (and maybe do some knitting, too. Been too long since I’ve picked up yarn and needles.)

I also want to get a good journal to keep in our geocaching bag so I can jot down notes, observations, and thoughts about each cache after we finish hunting for it. Because my memory isn’t as good as it once was, and even back then it wasn’t that great. 🙂

Until then…


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