Geocache: Yeah… Log That!

We’re currently in the car on a spontaneous day trip to the beach, and Hootsuite is failing spectacularly at uploading some geocache pictures I wanted to tweet, so I thought I’d give a shot at blogging them from my phone.

Chad and I have a book deadline coming up. He’s making pretty good progress, but as of Monday I hadn’t written a word. I’ve been yearning to go to the beach, so I made a deal with myself: if I finished 10,000 words by Saturday, we could go to Oak Island for the day and I could climb the lighthouse. Well, days came and went, and I got some work done, but by Saturday morning I’d only written about 1100 words. Chad was still game to go to the beach – with everything that’s been going on lately, we could both use a break – but I didn’t feel like I’d earned it. So I made a counterproposal that we spend Saturday working and as long as I got at least two more sections written, we could go to the beach today. With Chad’s help I got a ton of research done (as a trained researcher, he was able to track down information that I’d failed to find for weeks), and I scribbled the last line on the second section at about 11 o’clock last night. Even better, I was excited by how much work I’d gotten done, so I felt like I’d really earned a day at the beach.

We’re about four hours from the ocean, so we headed out this morning, with me behind the wheel. After a couple of hours I stopped at a rest area so we could stretch our legs and Chad could take over driving. And, of course, we had to check to see if there were any caches at the rest area. In fact, there were two. We found them both, but it was the first one, called Yeah, Log That! , that I wanted to tweet pics of. It was such a clever hide! The coordinates took us close to the tree line, so I went ahead and looked at the hint since we couldn’t afford to spend too long tromping through the woods searching. All the hint said was to look at the title. I did, then glanced on the ground to my left and saw a log. I knew right away the cache was under it, but until I rolled it over, I didn’t realize exactly how. The cache owner had drilled out a hole in the underside of the log just big enough to fit the cache container in. Such a clever hide! This one just might snag one of my coveted favorite points over on the geocaching site. 😉

And now back to being beach bound!




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