Put on Your Cuteness Galoshes

Oh my gah! Are y’all ready for some serious ubercuteness? Check this out!

Momma makes the best bed!

And how about this! Look at that hug!

Mommy hugs are the best!

And this is from this morning, when the kittens were having second breakfast. (Or was that third? Four-day-old kittens are tiny, and they eat a lot!)

I’m just a giant milk bottle, aren’t I?

Daphne is such a great mom — which I am very, very happy about! Chad and I have bottlefed kittens a couple of times, but it’s something I’d really rather not do if I don’t have to.

Daphne is also coming along nicely with her socializing (bearing in mind that this is only her second full day in our house). Yesterday while we were downstairs eating lunch, she got out of her box and went behind the bookcase in Chad’s office. Luckily, she didn’t take the kittens with her! I think she just wanted some mommy alone time — although why she didn’t go into the carrier we set up in there for her for that purpose, I dunno. Cats, man.

She was happy eating treats if I put them in front of her while she was back there, but wasn’t much interested in coming out. Finally, Chad and I both had to get back to work (luckily we both work from home), so we decided to let her stay back there. Plus, it was a good opportunity to change out the towel in the whelping box.

The kittens, being kittens, squeaked and mewed when Chad picked them up. (I was back in my own office by this point.) Daphne waited until Chad had the last kitten out of the box and then RAN out from behind the bookcase, jumped into the box, and started headbutting his hand to be petted! She even forced her nose and face into his palm. And, oh, the purr motor on that girl! It takes a bit to get it going, but it is LOUD! 😀

That did make it more difficult to change the towel, but Chad’s a smart guy and figured it out.

And ever since then Daphne has been all about the skritches. She’s still not interested in coming over to us or anything, but she loves to be petted.

All the pictures above are ones that Chad sent me throughout the day today. Seriously, how am I supposed to get any work done when he keeps flooding my texts with this level of cute?!

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2 Responses to Put on Your Cuteness Galoshes

  1. Bill Bodden says:

    They are adorable! I don’t know how you can foster kitties and not have 30-40 cats you’ve adopted yourselves!