You Are Welcome Here

Chad and I are a CIS-HET white couple. And we’re very aware of the privilege we have because of that.

We know that, for as much progress as our society has made on issues of inclusiveness, we still have a long, long, LONG way to go until there’s true equality and equity for everyone regardless of race, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

For Juneteenth and Pride month, we wanted to do something to show our love and support for the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. So we decided to repaint our welcome mats to show that no matter the color of your skin, or your gender identity, or your sexual orientation, we see you, we support you, and you are welcome in our lives.

And to let everyone know that we stand with you.

We promise to keep educating ourselves so we can become the best allies possible to continue the work of getting equality and equity for everyone. We urge our fellow CIS-HET and white folks to do the same.

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