A Palette of Honey and Amber — Yarn and Story

I’m so excited, y’all! I finished a new story called “A Palette of Honey and Amber”. It’s about a woman named Melodie Evers who takes an artist’s vacation tour to Paris, only for things to take an unexpected turn when she’s given an old watercolor journal at a street market.

I wrote this story for the Horror on Holiday anthology that’s being published by Golden Goblin Press. They’re doing a Kickstarter for the anthology right now that runs until the end of April. Head on over and back the project so this anthology can become a reality.

I also dyed some yarn inspired by this story — using five colors of yellow Jacquard commercial acid dyes! That’s right — I finally used commercial acid dyes! Check out the video below to watch Chad and me dye the yarn, hear a little more about the story, and maybe even spot a hidden clue about what happens to Melodie Evers.

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