Freya Update: Biopsy Results

We got Freya’s biopsy results today, and everything looks good. The pathologist found no sign of cancer, so that’s a huge relief. The inflammation also appears to be a recent change — no sign of scarring, which apparently would have made it harder to get Freya back to 100%. So that’s good news.

For now, Freya will stay on one Prednisone twice a day, but we’ll take her in for a follow-up visit in three weeks. At that time, Dr. Ho might reduce her dosage to 1.5 Pred a day. And at this point it’s unclear whether she’ll need to stay on Pred for the rest of her life. Maybe yes, maybe no. For her sake, I hope she can come off it eventually. She loves Pill Pockets, though, so if she has to stay on Pred forever giving it to her really isn’t a problem.

Her appetite is back in full force, too. She’s already figured out the Prednisone — or, as she thinks of it, Pill Pocket Treat — schedule, and she’s not above asking for canned food when we sit down for lunch or dinner. I’ve never been so happy to be yowled at by a cat!

Freya and the rest of the crew are having a grand time watching the wildlife take advantage of the bird feeders we set up in the back yard. Of course, Chad and I probably spend even more time watching them than the cats do. It’s neat to see what birds are flittering around stuffing their beaks, and the squirrels are just a hoot! They look so guilty when they see us catch them at the bird feeders. We have to assure them that they’re allowed to eat out of them, too, and even then the squirrels usually just grab another nibble or two before slinking away. They don’t seem too keen on the cob corn so far. We might have to try some sweet corn or peanuts instead, maybe in the window-mount feeder that the birds seem to be ignoring.

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