What Kind of Person…

Millie, a dog with long, shaggy fur hanging in her eyes

Millie, abandoned on the NSAC front steps

What kind of person would leave a dog in a crate with no food, no water, and no one to find her until the next day?

If Millie could talk, I’m sure she could tell us, because that’s exactly what happened to her.

Last Saturday, ARFP held its annual purse sale fundraiser. Since most of the ARFP volunteers would be across town helping out at that, a big sign on the door at the NSAC announced that the adoption center would be closed until 1 pm the next day.

That didn’t stop someone from leaving Millie on the front steps. In a cage. With no food, no water, not even a towel to curl up on. Fur matted from head to toe, mats so thick you couldn’t feel her skin. Reeking of urine and starving for food.

What kind of person does that?

Luckily, an ARFP volunteer happened to drive down the street and notice the crate on the adoption center’s front steps. One quick phone call, and Millie was on her way to the vet to get vaccinated, groomed, and checked for any medical problems that needed to be treated. Because that’s what ARFP does. We take care of pets that have nowhere else to go.

We get them medical care if they need it, and a foster home to stay in until they find a home of their own. We teach them what it’s like to be part of a family. We get the mats out of their fur, and let them play with toys, and find them people who will love them forever and never do to them what someone did to Millie.

ARFP is a small, private rescue, so we don’t get any money from the federal, state, or local government. All of our donations come from people like you. That’s why we do so many fundraisers. The purse sale is one. The Human Race is another. It’s a 5K Walk/Run put on by the Volunteer Center of Greensboro each year to help local charities raise money. Once again, I’m walking for ARFP.

That’s where you come in. My Human Race fundraising goal this year is $500. If you look at my page on the Human Race site, you can see that I’m not even close yet. So I need your help.

Millie, a small gray dog with her fur trimmed short except on her  ears and the tip of her tail.

Such a tiny dog under all that fur!

  • Sponsor me. I’ve got over 100 followers on Twitter, more than that on Facebook. If everyone gave just $5, I’d more than make my goal. That would help a whole lot of Millies.
  • Tell your friends. Tweet a link to this blog post or to my page on the Human Race site. Share it on Facebook. Send an email. Drag your co-workers out of their cubes and sit them down at your computer so they can donate, too. I don’t care how you do it. Just help me get the word out there. Because every dollar I raise is one more dollar to help pets like Millie.

Oh, and Millie? She’s in a foster home now and doing great. Happy, playful, and loves people. Got a stylish new haircut, too.

Because that’s what ARFP does.

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