What Can $5 Do? More Than You Might Think.

If you’ve been keeping track, then you know that I’ve raised $490 in Human Race donations so far. That puts me only $10 from my goal.

When I first posted about walking in the Human Race to raise money for ARFP, I said that I have over 100 followers on Twitter, and even more on Facebook, so if each one donated $5 I’d easily make my goal. Now I just need two.

I’m sure some of you read my pleas for donations and thought, “I can’t afford to donate much. Yeah, I could probably swing five bucks, but really how much is that going to help?”

More than you might think.

$5 pays for one pet to be vaccinated against rabies, something that’s a real concern in North Carolina where I live.

$5 would get a cat vaccinated against Feline Distemper, a disease that can kill a cat in less than 24 hours.

$5 would pay for a dog to get his distemper/Parvo vaccination.

And that last ten dollars I need to meet my goal? It can do even more. It would buy a 20 lb. bag of dog or cat food, or protect an ARFP animal from fleas and heartworms for a month.

Heartworms. Parvo. Distemper. Rabies. All of these can kill a dog or cat. So what can $5 do, or $10? A lot. It can save a life.

I just need two people to sponsor me for $5 or one person to sponsor me for $10, and I’ll have raised $500 to help ARFP rescue and save homeless pets. So how about it? Buddy, can ya spare a five?

To sponsor me or another ARFP walker in the Human Race, visit http://TheHumanRace.kintera.org/andinewton .

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