100 Words: The Boy Who Cried Fire

Jayce closed his eyes and breathed in deep. The air had the taste of commercial-grade cleaner and fresh Cinnabon. “Sorry,” he mumbled, then yanked the fire alarm lever down. Continue reading

100 Words: I Wouldn’t Order That without an Alibi

The clerk smiled as he handed Abigail a brochure. A plastic tag pinned to his chest named him “Franklin”, but Abigail suspected the man had helped himself to an old nametag from behind one of the retail shops on Market Street.

The brochure was a single page. Tri-folded and laid out in columns and sections, it looked for all the world like a restaurant menu. Continue reading

100 Words: Renewable Reminders

Post-It notes decorated Allison’s apartment, two-inch by two-inch squares laminated and mounted to walls, mirrors, and appliances with cellophane tape that had been rubbed transparent with a thumbnail and trimmed square with an Exacto knife. Continue reading