Week 3: Kittens on the Move!

Can you believe it? Daphne’s kittens are already three weeks old! The time really is flying by. The kittens had a lot of milestones this week. Their ears are mostly unfolded, their eyes are open, and they’re meowing instead of just screaming. Chad’s even found baby kitten poops in their bin! (Yeah, yeah. When you’re a foster mom, these things excite you. But pooping is an important milestone.)

They’re also getting more active. They’re walking and playing and… well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

Of course, all that playing can tucker a kitten out.

And then this happened.

Yep. Daphne decided she wanted to move the kittens to a new spot. Mama cats will do that when the kittens get to be 3-4 weeks old. Personally, we’d rather she’d keep them in the babybin where they can’t get out for another week, but Mama has spoken. Chad actually tried moving the kittens back to the babybin a couple of times. Daphne just picked them up and moved them back.

Sigh. You can’t argue with a mama cat.

For their part, the kittens seem perfectly happy in their new abode. They can nurse and sleep and play. Of course, they don’t all necessarily do this on the same schedule.

Poor Wyvern. He never gets any respect.

Oh, and did I mention? We picked names for the kittens!

First up, Wyvern Whitepaws, Laird of Babybin:

Wyvern Whitepaws, Laird of Babybin

And then there’s Falkor:

Falkor, because everyone needs a luck dragon

Dragon, so named because he has a dragon on his back:

Piloteer First Class Dragon, ready for my next mission! Don’t worry. It’s a milk run!

And our resident troublemaker, little miss Copper (who has a copper-colored dragon on her back):

You will obey my every whim, for I am adorable!

You might notice that Copper and Dragon’s eyes look a little weepy. They developed an eye infection — probably picked up from Daphne during delivery — right around the time they turned two weeks old. Along with the occasional sneeze.

Unfortunately, two-week-old kittens are too young for the medicines we would normally use to treat this. So we made sure they kept eating, cranked up the heat in the house to 75, and cleaned their eyes several times a day with a warm, damp cloth to keep them from crusting shut. Neither of them ever missed a beat — or a meal. As I mentioned above, Copper has been the ringleader of our wyrm hoard. Seriously, you put that girl within an inch of one of Daphne’s nipples, and she’ll latch on.

Give her a chance to get out of her babybin, and she’ll run across the room. (No, really. She did. Chad saw it. Unfortunately, she was too quick for him to get it on video.)

He was able to get this, though:

Miiiiiillllkkkk! Miiiiiilllllllkkkkkkk!!!!

Both Copper and Dragon seem to be doing better. No more sneezing, and Dragon’s affected eye hasn’t had to be cleaned in a couple of days. Both of Copper’s eyes were affected, but only one of them is still a little goopy now. Technically they’re old enough for meds now that they’re three weeks, but it doesn’t look like they’ll need it.

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