Can you believe it? Daphne’s Adorables are now four weeks old! Personally, my mind is boggled. The time has flown by so fast!

Although, to be honest, we suspect that the kittens are a week ahead of schedule development wise. For example, their canines (pointy teeth) should be starting to come in at this point. Yeah, those things were already fully in by the time they were three weeks old.

Apparently mama cats can delay their labor if they’re stressed. Considering Daphne had been moved from her home to our adoption center — and spent a month hiding in her cage because of it — I think that qualifies as stress.

Anyway, the kittens are big and active and doing great. They’ve reached what we call “trundle stage”. This is when they can walk instead of crawling, but they still aren’t 100% steady on their feet.

They’re also playing a lot more. Which Daphne says is messing up their nap schedule.

Seriously, Dragon, I don’t think you should sass your mom like that. You’re gonna get grounded.

We did end up putting Copper, Dragon, and Wyvern on eye ointment for seven days. Dragon’s eye looked better, and Copper only had a little goopiness in one eye (the other looked all better). But then one morning Wyvern’s eye was getting goopy. Since they were old enough for meds at that point, we decided better safe than sorry.

And everyone’s all better now.

(Falkor never got goopy eyes, so we didn’t give him any meds. I guess it pays to be a luck dragon.)

Copper did give us a bit of a scare on Thursday morning. She’d been napping, but then woke up — and vomited. With kittens this young, that’s one of those things that can either be really serious or be nothing at all. Chad called Sharon at ARFP right away, and we put Copper (and the rest of the kittens) on a 24-hour observation. Which basically meant we checked on them every half hour or so to see if there was any more vomiting.

Luckily, no one has thrown up since then. They’re all eating good and very active, so we’re thinking it was just a one off.

And Copper is still her unstoppable self, bossing around her mom, showing everyone who’s in charge, and scaling Chad to sit on his lap. (She also runs to the door whenever anyone goes into Chad’s office. It took her brothers a little longer, but they caught on, and now EVERYONE does it.)

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One Response to Trundlebots!

  1. shann n ferreira says:

    sooo cute… my first cats name was dragon he was the best!!!