The Ilycladian Worm

It’s officially spooky season! YAYYYYYY!!!!

And what better way to start things than with a brand new nightmare creature from my very own tormented imagination?

That’s right! I created a creature called the Ilycladian Worm as part of’s 2021 OctoberNomicon — and they chose it to be the one to kick off this year’s event! Not gonna lie, y’all — I’m pretty honored.

The Ilycladian Worm is a master mimic that looks human on the outside — but on the inside, it’s a voracious, deadly worm with insectoid legs and fanged maws all over its segmented body. It’s written up and ready to go for use in a TTRPG adventure. Drop me a note if you use it in yours. I’d love to see what people do with it! Think we can get a TPK?

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