Cram Jar Dyeing with a Twist

Cram jar dyeing is one of my favorite ways to dye yarn. You stuff a skein of yarn into a jar, adding drops of food coloring or sprinkling Kool-Aid or other dry dye powder as you go. Then, you pour water in so it spreads the dye throughout the yarn. It’s always a bit of a surprise to see what you get!
But today on Adventures with Andi, we’re adding a twist to our cram jar dyeing. Instead of using plain water, we’re topping the jars off with dye stock: one red, one yellow, and one blue, to otherwise identical jars, to see how it changes the yarn.
Also, we see why it’s important to work up a swatch before you decide whether or not you like a yarn. Spoiler: I went from hating one skein to loving it!

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