Liquid Graphite Zen Code

Just a quick housekeeping post to let folks know that I’ve added my Twitter feed and journal updates to the main page of my website. You can subscribe to the journal updates there through either RSS (powered by Feedburner) or email. If you run into any problems with the feed or email subscriptions, please let me know.

And, since everyone seems to be fascinated by Sharpie’s new liquid lead pencil, here’s a link to a great article by Jim Mamoulides about the originals introduced by Parker, Waterman, and Venus in the 1950s:

Many thanks to Sam at Pendemonium for her tweet that reminded me about the Parker LLs.

A quick bit of trivia for my fellow fountain pen (and especially Esterbrook) aficionados: Venus is the company that eventually bought Esterbrook, in 1967. They made a few pens after that, but Esties were definitely past their heyday at that point — and, from what I’ve read, the quality of the pens dropped after the acquisition. Production ceased in 1971.

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